Extremely haunted island 160 Thousands people were burnt alive

world's most haunted island

09.11.2022: It is forbidden to visit a mystery island in Italy. The Island of Death is another name for it. Most people who visited this island never returned. The island has been declared illegal by the authorities. This has a pretty spooky backstory. Let’s learn more about this enigmatic island. There are many stunning islands … Read more

140 Year Old Levi’s Jeans found in a Coal Mine & Sold for $87000


15.10.2022: A Levi’s Jeans auction from 1880 that took place in New Mexico, USA, sold in $87,000. I think this is the most money I’ve ever spent on a pair of jeans trousers. The pants were purchased at an auction on October 1 by Kyle Haupert, a San Diego-based vintage apparel dealer who is 23 … Read more

A Bottle of Whiskey Worth of 1 Million USD, and a Queue of Buyers!

yamazaki-55 single malt whisky

08.10.2022: Yamazaki-55 is Japan’s oldest and most expensive whiskey to date. Discover why the Yamazaki 55 is so popular? A single bottle of liquor costs 0.78 Million USD! It may appear strange at first, but it is true. The more surprising aspect is that people place bids to purchase this rare variety of whiskey and … Read more

Sacheen Littlefeather has passed away at the age of 75

Sacheen Cruz Littlefeather

03.10.2022: Brings us great sadness to report that native American actress and activist Sacheen Littlefeather has passed away at the age of 75. Littlefeather represented Marlon Brando at the 45th Academy Awards in 1973, where she on Brando’s behalf declined the Best Actor award that she won for her performance in the Godfather. The favorite to win, Brando boycotted the ceremony … Read more

Rainbow fentanyl cautioning DEA says drug used to target small kids

rainbow fentanyl

21.09.2022 : Texas– Bright adaptations of fentanyl, “multi-shaded” or rainbow fentanyl, have as of late showed up in the unlawful medication market. Policing, including the US Medication Authorization Organization (DEA), have given cautions after ongoing thought excesses and passings including fentanyl in kids in Feeds Region. The DEA has held onto rainbow-hued fentanyl pills in … Read more

Putin announces partial mobilization in Russia

Putin announces partial mobilization in Russia

21.09.2022 : In an uncommon location to the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin reported that the declaration on halfway preparation of its 2 million-in number military stores has been endorsed as the conflict in Ukraine arrives at almost seven months. The choice, which Putin said was taken “to guard the country, its sway and regional … Read more

A 7.6 extent seismic tremor shakes Mexico on the commemoration of two past shudders

earthquake shakes Mexico

20.09.2022 : MEXICO CITY An extent 7.6 tremor shook Mexico’s focal Pacific coast on Monday, killing something like one individual and setting off a seismic caution in the shook capital on the commemoration of two prior crushing shakes. There were in any event an early reports of harm to structures from the shake, which hit … Read more

How do i register my vote?

How do i register to vote

20.09.2022 : The El Paso Area Races Division is collaborating with Peter Flute player Pizza to assist individuals with getting enlisted. Tuesday is Public Elector Enlistment Day and a great time for individuals to check in the event that they are enrolled or go out there and register. El Pasoans can go to the accompanying … Read more

Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine purportedly betrays pregnant spouse


20.09.2022 : Following an Instagram model names Sumner Stroh posting a progression of supposed DMs in a TikTok video on September nineteenth, Adam Levine of the band Maroon 5 has been acussed of engaging in extramarital relations. These stunning news come only multi week after his better half, Behati Prinsloo, reported she is anticipating that … Read more

Jalen Hurts scores three touchdowns as the Eagles defeat the Vikings 24-7

Jalen Hurts scores three touchdowns

He further developed through his school vocation, first at Alabama (where he was usurped by Tua Tagovailoa before his lesser year) and afterward at Oklahoma. He made progress from his first to second prepare in the NFL, as well. 20.09.2022 : Jalen Damages has further developed each season we’ve seen him play football on a … Read more