Since 180 years ago, the feared murderer’s severed head has been preserved in a glass jar

02.01.2023: The most dangerous serial murderer in Europe still has the same appearance as when he was killed. Anyone would be terrified by his open eyes peering out from behind the glass jar. Even 180 years after Diogo Alves’s passing, his head has been kept remarkably well-preserved in a jar. He was beheaded and preserved in a jar after being hung in Portugal for the murder of almost 70 people. Alves was the “Murderer of the Aqueduct” for a reason.

Alves turned a waterway into a crime scene. On this 200-foot-high bridge that connected the city and the village, he used to recline covertly. He would plunder the passing farmers here first, then kill them. He would fling individuals from the bridge. This death appeared to be a suicide, and his strategy appeared to be working for a while. Numerous dead bodies were discovered by police in the river that flowed beneath the bridge. One of the most dangerous serial killers in Europe is known as Alves, who killed around 70 people.

Diogo Alves

Alves eventually stopped murdering people on the bridge. He would now rob homes and murder the residents inside. But he was ultimately apprehended and given a death sentence for more than 70 killings. He was one of the last offenders to be hung in Portugal following his trial. His head was severed after his execution and kept in a formaldehyde jar.

At the University of Lisbon, the killer’s skull is currently preserved in a glass jar with a liquid for scientific study. Alves’s brain was being studied by scientists. He believed that this could expose a lot of shocking information that would be beneficial to those researching phrenology. This was the time when phrenology, or the study of the brain, was very popular in Portugal.

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