A Tribe that Consumes Human Brains at Funerals

Fore Tribe in Papua New Guinea

05.01.2023: The phrase “friend don’t eat my brain” or “Why are you eating my brain” is something we frequently say indignantly to our friends, yet this saying is not merely a proverb. In Papua New Guinea, there is a tribe that literally consumes human brain. But after his passing, during the funeral rites. You’ll be … Read more

Why was Changez Khan hauling around insects?

changez khan

03.01.2023: What do the American Civil War, the British Department of Health, and Changez Khan, the former Mongol ruler of much of the world, have in common? You’ll be astonished to learn that “insects” is the answer to this question. You did read that correctly, I assure you. Most insects change form many times from … Read more

Local resident will get Rose Parade honors

Rose Parade

01.01.2023: Due in part to the generosity of the Union County community, a local man who passed away in 2002 will be featured on the Donate Life float in tomorrow’s 134th Rose Parade. Mark Wesley Pinckard, who was born on April 27, 1984, passed away on May 20, 2002, as a result of wounds he … Read more

Rainbow fentanyl cautioning DEA says drug used to target small kids

rainbow fentanyl

21.09.2022 : Texas– Bright adaptations of fentanyl, “multi-shaded” or rainbow fentanyl, have as of late showed up in the unlawful medication market. Policing, including the US Medication Authorization Organization (DEA), have given cautions after ongoing thought excesses and passings including fentanyl in kids in Feeds Region. The DEA has held onto rainbow-hued fentanyl pills in … Read more

Americans Could Have to Pay for Covid Shots Starting coming Year

Americans Could Have to Pay for Covid Shots Starting coming Year

31.08.2022 : The US government guesses that it will quit buying and giving Covid-19 shots when January because of an absence of assets, passing on Americans to get immunizations through guarantors or pay for them from cash on hand. US wellbeing authorities met a gathering of in excess of 100 delegates from drugmakers, state and … Read more